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Values Advocacy Council Activities

Values Advocacy Council Luncheons

January Luncheon: Brian Sussman, KSFO Morning Show host. The topic of Brian’s presentation was “Obama Care and other debacles”.

March Luncheon: Jose Salcido, retired Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant and Mayor Reed’s staff liaison to the Mayor’s Gang Task Force. The topic of his presentation was "Kids Killing Kids…The Mayor's Gang Task Force--A Success Story!”

May Luncheon: Jonathan Keller, Executive Director of the California
Family Council. The topic of his presentation was “California—What’s on the Horizon?”

Each of these presentations is available on our Values Advocacy Council website,

National Day of Prayer

For the last nine years, the Values Advocacy Council has organized the National Day of Prayer Pastor Prayer Breakfast in the Rotunda at San Jose City Hall. Mayor Reed and 90-110 pastors gather for a time of prayer for our city, our leaders, and the people of our community

In the evening, an all church Time of Prayer and Worship is held. Over the past nine years, the Time of Prayer and Worship has been held at San Jose City Hall, Valley Christian High School, and Crossroads Bible Church. Attendance has ranged from 100 to 500+.

Publication of the VAC Action Values Voter Guide

Our June 2014 Primary Election Voter Guide was published in early May and will be published the weekend before the June primary. The Voter Guide is posted on the VAC Action website,

For the November election, we will again publish the Values Voter Guide and distribute the guide both in hard copy through the various churches and electronically. If we have your address and email address, we can create a custom Values Voter Guide specifically for your address. The Values Voter Guide will also be posted at

The Values Voter Guide covers that hard to get information on local offices…school board, city council, mayor and Board of Supervisors. We do not cover legislative races…State legislature or Congress. Additionally, we cover local and state ballot propositions and measures.

Porn Filters

In 2009, with the help of Councilmember Pete Constant, we were able to bring a proposal before the San Jose City Council to install pornography filters on the computers in the children’s section of the San Jose Public Libraries. That proposal was voted down on an 8-3 vote with Mayor Reed and Councilmembers Constant and Oliverio supporting the protection of our children.

In March 2014, the City Council voted to put a parcel tax extension on the June Ballot. The Values Advocacy Council, concerned parents, teachers, School Board members, and addiction counseling professionals came together to oppose the extension until the San Jose City Council voted to place pornography filters on the computers in the children’s section of the San Jose Public Libraries.

A ballot argument against the measure was submitted by concerned citizens and “Protect our Children—No on Measure B”, a campaign committee to oppose Measure B, was formed. Fundraising has been ongoing.

The City Librarian has begun a process to install porn filters on the computers in the children’s section of the public libraries; however, the San Jose City Council has not yet taken a vote to make the installation of pornography filters a City Council Policy. Without that vote, the VAC opposition will stand against Measure B.

The importance of the City Council policy is that, with the policy in place, the library cannot remove the filters without a vote of the City Council.

Watchman Ministries

Dr. Bill Bright, who gave us the Four Spiritual Laws, taught the 5 Duties of a Christian Citizen:

  • Pray
  • Register to Vote
  • Become informed
  • Get involved
  • VOTE!

We use the teaching of Dr. Bright as the template for our pre-election activities with churches. We train members of churches to register voters, distribute Values Voter Guides, and Get Out the Christian Vote. We sponsor voter information nights and an all church prayer rally prior to the November election.

Currently, we are working with approximately 50 churches. Our objective is to raise the number of churches with whom we work to 100+ prior to the November election.

Working to unify the churches and pastors of Silicon Valley

I have created many valuable friendships with Pastors and church ministry leaders over the last 9 years. Our National Day of Prayer Pastor Prayer Breakfast has been a very rewarding endeavor for me. Additionally, I participate in fellowship with the Transformation Alliance of Santa Clara County, Willow Glen Pastors, South County Pastors, the Assemblies of God section, and Transforming the Bay for Christ (TBC).

The future of the effort to referend AB 1266 is still in question.

As you recall, a signature gathering drive took place in California to gather enough signatures to place a measure overturning AB 1266 on the November 2014 ballot. Approximately 505,000 signatures were needed. The sponsors of the referendum gathered approximately 620,000 signatures. The Registrars of Voters in the 58 counties checked the signatures to determine if they were “valid” signatures of registered voters. The total number of “valid” signatures reported to the Secretary of State by the Registrars fell some 17,000 signatures short of the required 505,000 necessary.

An effort was made to physically verify that the signatures that were not deemed “valid” were in fact not valid signatures (not registered to vote, signature on petition did not match the signature on the petition, petition filled out improperly, etc.). The push back from the various Registrars was so intense that, in the view of the proponents, a proper audit could not be completed. So much for transparency and openness in government.

The “Privacy for All Students” leadership is currently in court to have a judge order the measure be placed on the November statewide ballot.

Strengthening the Prop 8 Coalition

I have been working with Christian leaders, LDS Church leaders and members, and, to a lesser degree, Catholic Leaders to maintain our coalition for support of family values in our community. We have received help from Coalition members on the “NO on Measure B” effort.

Severe computer problems

We lost our ability to communicate with you twice in the last 75 days due to computer hardware and software problems. Our server is 10 years old, which I am told is approximately 90 years old in human terms. The server will just quit working one day. We are looking for solutions at this time.

Additionally, we lost our email capability due to a virus and that we were hacked. We have installed an interim solution and are looking to a permanent solution to be installed in the next few weeks.

I want to hear from you. Please feel free to call Larry Pegram if you have any questions or comments at 408-624-1280 or send an email to me at


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