VAC Luncheon
Monday March 16th, 2020
12 noon - 1:30 pm
Speaker: Peter Kuo
Vice Chairman of the CA Republican Party
Home Church, Campbell, CA
$13 for optional lunch

Peter Kuo was born in Taiwan. He immigrated to the United States with his family when he was 14 years old. He eventually became a U.S. citizen after patiently going through the proper naturalization process. In addition to being Vice Chair of the California Republican Party, Peter is also an insurance agent, an entrepreneur, a business consultant, and a venture capitalist.

Specially designed for Teens
Saturday, Mar 21, 2020
7 pm- 9 pm
Transgender Issues, LGBT Issues and your Children
Foxworthy Baptist Church
1774 Foxworthy Ave, San Jose, CA 95124


What will you tell your kids about Transgender issues? How about LGBTQ issues? They are learning all about it in school and in the Media?


Join Isabella Chow, Michael Christianson, and Hope Balatan on Mar 21st for a panel on how the church can welcome LGBTQ+ individuals without compromising God's laws or the Gospel. Hear their testimonies about what it was like to wrestle with (and live out) gender confusion and same sex attraction, before and after knowing Christ. Learn what it takes to follow Christ, and how Christians today can reach a lost world seeking love and truth amidst a culture of confusion.


Hopey: Hi! My name is Hopey, and I'm a senior at UC Berkeley studying bioengineering. In 2016, God encountered me and revealed to me His worthiness. He showed me grace that allowed me to lay everything down at His feet, including my relationship with my lesbian girlfriend at the time.


Michael: My name is Michael, and I'm in my 4th year of the math Ph.D. program at Cal. About a year and a half ago, I encountered the Lord in a powerful way and realized that He is real and that I truly need Him in my life. I identified as a transgender woman at the time, but God healed a lot of gender-related pain in my heart, and then He taught me to surrender my gender identity to Him and to embrace my identity as His son, instead.


Isabella: My name is Isabella, and I recently graduated from UC Berkeley. During the 2018-2019 school year, I was elected to serve on Berkeley's student government, with most of my votes coming from the Christian community. In October 2018, I decided (after praying and seeking much counsel) to abstain from voting on a symbolic bill affirming LGBTQ+ identities. Although the backlash was great, the Lord taught me much about trusting Him and leaning on His wisdom and grace to navigate difficult topics in today's political climate.


This is a great event for Junior High and above.
The Values Advocacy Council was formed in 2003 to be a non-partisan voice for Judeo Christian values in public policy matters. We work to help elected and non-elected officials make values based decisions and take values oriented actions. We work to bring our church community together to worship and to serve.

We organize multi-church prayer events and educate Christians on legislation that would affect their families and their freedoms through monthly luncheons and quarterly Family Nights. Join us as we strive to bring about Godly moral change in Santa Clara county and the surrounding areas.